Just Dance 2016

I recently bought a really fun game. Just Dance 2016 is a video game developed and published by Ubisoft. I play the game using my Xbox One Kinect and it is so much fun. You can dance to a variety of just dancesongs while attempting to match the choreography the game teaches you. The BEST part of Just Dance 2016 is competing against other dancers around the world. If you win or lose against that person’s score you can talk smack or congratulate them and how awesome of a dancer they are. One of my favorite songs to dance to is “I’m An Albatros” by AronChupa. You can dance with up to SIX people depending on the song. If you’re in the market for fitness and fun then I’d highly recommend getting this game. 


So here is a fun video I did in collaboration with some students I taught at an alternative school. We worked on the script together and each child was in control of his or her Halo character. I thought it was a more entertaining way to show what happens when we add integers and why they cancel each other out (so to speak). Enjoy!

The PE Geek

PEGeekIf you’re looking for the latest and greatest in APPs to use for Physical Fitness then look no further than The PE Geek. The number of apps and reviews that Jarrod has gone over has been invaluable for me as a coach and someone who is always looking for ways to use iPads and iPhones in the class as well as a Physical Education environment. The apps have helped keep me in shape and given me a great resource to help PE Teachers who are at a loss on how to use 21st century technology in the Gym and on the field.

My Fitness Pal

Here is an app that my lovely wife learned about from a friend (isn’t word of mouth great). My Fitness Pal is a great app. After you set up an account and enter in your personal information (current weight, activity level, age etc.); you set a goal for what you want to weigh. Your account can be anonymous but you can still have friends to share accomplishments with. This is a nice way to social network with other Fit minded individuals so that you can encourage each other.

Some key points:

  • Free app
  • You can type in what you’re eating and it will give you the calories
  • You can scan the bar code on the box and it will give you the calories
  • Connect with friends via Facebook or setting up you own account
  • As you lose weight it will recommend the amount of calories needed
  • Enter in the type of exercise and time for amount of calories burned
  • Graphs and Charts that breaks down Fat/Protein/Carbs eaten daily/weekly

I’ve enjoyed using this app, it’s like have a personal trainer or accountability partner in your pocket. Using the scanner helped me realize how many calories and fat were in some of my favorite foods. Since using this app I’ve lost 20 pounds and will continue to use it until I lose my last 10 pounds.


Month 11- MAC Week 4: Goto Virtual Class Archive

It was unfortunate that I missed this weeks class. I had so much to add and I really enjoyed the conversations that everyone had. Here are my thoughts:

Van Halen’s Right Now


Right Now was released in 1992! Just thought I’d share this bit of information since that was part of the class. Plus the above link is a bit better than the one we had to watch.

I really liked how Deanne shared her thoughts on the book and how it is Mix of Idealism (60s) & realism. She also pointed out how what is, is meant to be.

I also liked what Steve had to say about Tony Robbins having to recreate his thinking. Food on the plate is a positive thing. I know a lot of people have that issue. As kids we are supposed to eat everything on plate. In today’s 1000 caloric meals as adults it is unhealthy to eat it all. Leftovers are ok. Many of those friends now struggle with being overweight and are also trying to change their thinking on food.

What chapter speaks the most to me?

I would have to say it was the following chapters that spoke the most to me.

Chapter 5. Leading from Any Chair: We’re all leaders.

Chapter 6. Rule Number 6: Don’t take yourself so seriously.

I love going into the classrooms that the teachers just sits back during parts of the day and the students run everything I know it isn’t possible in all aspects of a classroom. But it’s a good idea to train our students to be leaders too. I also try this approach with my children. Giving them some things they are in charge of. In life I strive to not take things seriously. Not always easy to do but not I have something to remind me.

How will it change what you do in class or life?

Continue to prefect leading from any chair as well as incorporate “Rule Number 6” not only for me but also my peers.

Right now… I’m sitting doing my homework while my daughter tosses and turns in the toddler bed 3 feet from me.


Month 11- MAC Week 4: Leadership Reflection

What makes a great leader? That may be defined by your perspective and if you’ll follow that individual. I didn’t grow up with a dad, and in my mind that is the first example for most children of what a leader should look like (providing he is doing the job right). Since I didn’t have a father figure or leader to follow I had to find that from other aspects of my life. Elders and Pastors at church, scout masters, Teachers at school and coaches in the variety of sports as well as different employers throughout the world. Each leader inspired me to succeed in different aspects of my life.

So who do I pick as my leader?

The many coaches who kept me motivated to work hard both on the field and in the classroom. Many of these coaches are all over the nation keeping boys and girls in school and out of trouble. Coach Chip Kelly of the Oregon Ducks (now Philadelphia Eagles) is one that inspired me recently with his teams motto. Win The Day (WTD). He had vision, winning attitude and inspired everybody on his coaching staff as well as the athletes he was in charge of. Turning around an almost there team to a national powerhouse. He was witty and funny. He inspired me to take a look and my current life as an employee and my current physical fitness. Was I doing everything to Win the Day? Nope! So I had to make some changes. I took the same attitude of “Am I doing everything I can do to win at whatever I am doing?” Did I win the day at work, as a husband, father and as an individual whether it was fitness, education, fun time or friendship. Here is a guy that I would love to have as a coach, work with and follow anywhere.


Chip Kelly Quotes:

“Our expectations are to win every game we play. I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen …. but no one ever rises to low expectations.”

“I’ve worn the same practice visor since I got here in 2007 … I’m just trying to save the school money.”

“I saw the ‘Feel Sorry For Yourself’ train leaving the parking lot & none of our players were on it so that was a good sign.”

“Last time I checked, there is no ‘Hall of Average.’ “

Steve Prefontaine…He was gonna run as hard as he can, for as long as he can, for as fast as he can…any other way was chicken @#$%”


Funny picture of the Oregon Duck wearing Chip Kelly on his Jersey.

Month 11- MAC Week 4: Peer Blog #2

Nicely written Steve,

I’ve always been the type of guy who looks as “NO” as a personal challenge. When I was in the USMC I was stuck as a cook. I did whatever I could to get out of that job. I went to a month long Life Guard & swim instructor course. Everybody there was Grunt and or Recon. I busted my butt. Started with 30+ and graduated with 6. When done, as a reward my Sargeant Major thanked me and then marched me back to the kitchen. It wasn’t until later that my stubbornness paid off. I was stationed with a unit in the jungle and got to use my Life Guarding skills. It was like being in a big outdoor playground. One door closed opening up the opportunity for another to open.

I can relate to Steve Jobs. I was actually going to write on him for the “leadership” but changed my mind. Just imagine it. A WORLD WITHOUT PIXAR STUDIOS, which might never have been created if he hadn’t been fired and then moved on.

Thanks for sharing,



Steve’s Original Post,

Week 4 Reading

“We might hear within the word “no” an invitation of enrollment”

–       Ben Zander, The Art of Possibility

“No” is such a turn off. It is the last thing that our kids want to hear when they ask us to do something that we don’t want them to do. But as parents, we usually know what is best and so “no” is what is best in our eyes. Little Johnny and Susie don’t often care if it is best they just want what they want.

However when an adult gets a “no” it can often be a roadblock, a stumbling stone, a dead end. We know that “no” is best for Johnny and Susie, but so quickly NOforget that “no” is sometimes best for the adult. Hearing “no” is like the video posted in FSO about Steve Jobs where he talks about getting fired from Apple. He stated that it was the best thing that could have happened for him,  as he started Pixar and met his wife during that time.  Of course this was hindsight.

Many people that I know have changed careers when they got fired or lost their job. I myself changed careers when my old job just became too difficult to make ends meet. Sadly, I think I held on to that previous job for years too long. I was very good in some ways, but God didn’t allow the success that I should have been having, and I feel that the reason is that I wasn’t in the right place. Sometimes our hearts are in the right place but generally speaking we are not. And so patience is a vital part of growing.

I am encouraged to hear these messages once again from others, especially someone as successful as Steve Jobs was. I thought some of his speak was inaccurate, nonetheless I gleaned some great parts and those parts reminded me of hearing “no” as Ben Zander shares in his book. “No” in the right light, is the best “Yes” that we can get!!

– All images public domain via Pixabay.com

Month 11- MAC Week 4: Peer Blog #1

@ Mitchell,

Thank you for sharing the different teachers, counselors and colleagues who added spark to your life. It’s made you the man and teacher you are today. Not many male teachers who can be the fatherly role model that students need. It’s a tough job juggling education, coaching and life. Yet you continue to carry the spark to somebody else. Opening a realm of possibility for them that they weren’t aware of at the time.


ps LOVE your self portrait!


Mitchell’s Original Post,

Week4- Book Response CH 9-11 “The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life” by Rosamund Stone and Benjamin Zander

Self Portrait by Mitchell DeShazer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License
Self Portrait by Mitchell DeShazer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Upon reflecting on the last chapters of the book, I find myself turning outward to my relationships and how I perceive the relationships with those I work with and spend my life.  I have noticed that after seven years of teaching, I am much more inclined to hold the BTFI concept and take more risks in hopes of “lighting a spark” in my colleagues, students, and family. I agree with the authors that to live in a “universe of possibility” many internal habits must be broken. Retelling myself and changing the lens by which I view others and my experiences to allow for a realm of option and hope where at other times I would find myself in a fixed mindset; in a struggle to survive, win, or come out on top. I can look back on teachers and colleagues in my past that had this spark; who lived like nothing could bring them down from the passion they possessed to change the world in which they lived. In this month, I have become reminded of these individuals and the lessons they have taught me through their words and actions. My high school counselor who told me weekly that I had “what it takes” to accomplish my goals, I wasn’t the sum of my mistakes, I could choose better than where I lived. My english teacher who kept the bar high for me and believed that I could rise to reach my own potential without watering down her curriculum. My college drawing professor who pushed me to think “outside the box” and push my work and imagination by just creating more. These are a few who lit a spark in me to see a realm of possibility and live in such a way as though I were to be a changing force in the world.

Now, I am the visionary, I am leading in many ways young minds, artists, and athletes filled with possibility battling the voices of doubt and competition and construction in their own minds. Like those lights before me, my vision is to be a changing force for these individuals by giving the chance to lead; share their unique perspective, create from their own imagination. I believe that I am to be that voice of encouragement to those I lead and teach them about “Rule number 6” and “BTFI” so that they will relax, breathe, and give everything they have because that is what the world needs. Everything we have, every person to live out their unique possibilities with complete abandon.

I know that you might be thinking that this seems a bit idealistic; over the top, but check that voice again…imagine something different for just a moment…reflect:

Is it the constructed self? How long has this skepticism in you been in control of your choices, your life, and directing the course of events for you? What if things aren’t as they seem? What if you could…? What would you do if there were no barriers, no walls, no price? Who would you be? How could you create a realm of possibility? What is your vision?

Possibility is as limited or as endless as we make it!

Month 11- MAC Week 4: The Art of Possibility Part 3

After reading chapters 9-12 and finishing “The Art of Possibility” a few things stood out to me.

Being the Board:

I need to make the difference. This really spoke to me because I’m in a similar situation to the examples given. I’m in a position where I’m trying to influence my bosses and co-workers to use the provided technology more often and a in more ways than they already do.

Framing The Possibility:

It was very touching the way the teacher switched the focus on the one student with hair loss because of Leukemia to what she and the class could go through too. Every so often I participate in St. Baldrick’s Day. It’s done on St. Patrick’s Day. And people from all over shave their heads and raise money for children who are suffering from cancer and families are burdened by the finances and pain that is the result of a child who is afflicted.

I versus YOU versus WE language:

I’ve encountered this several times in my life. Pre-Marriage Counseling, a class while working on my bachelors, “Capturing Kids Hearts” (Flip Flippen) seminar, and now Full Sail. It is so true to take this to heart and not have an attitude of us vs them. “We’re all in this together” lyric comes to mind. Even though it’s important to use WE language, I believe at times we should also use I language. “I feel this way…” NOT “You made me feel this way…”

Month 11- MAC Week 3: Peer Blog #2

Nice Post Selena,

In regards to Rule number 6, I guess that’s why we like to be around people who make us laugh. Unfortunately, sometimes there are some who are the “class clowns” that teachers have frustration with because they “distract the class or don’t get their work done.” I suppose our job as educators is to fine tune the clowns and help them to not take it seriously yet still do quality work.

I really like your approach to acceptance by remembering your childhood serenity prayer. That’s a classic, I’m going to have to print it out. The biggest issue is having the wisdom to know when something in your life is changeable.

Thank you for sharing,



Selena’s Original Post,

Week 3 Blog Post 1 The Art of Possibility Chapters 5-8


After reading chapters 5-8 of The Art of Possibility, I found that I related most to chapters 6 and 7.

Let It Flow!

Chapter 6 discusses the very important rule of not taking yourself to seriously and letting go of the baggage that you developed in the world of measurement.  I have always believed that laughter is healing and good for the soul. There is something about laughing that reprograms your brain and makes the world feel less harsh. To sum it up Practice 6 basically about lightening up and going with the flow of life.

 That’s Just The Way It Is Image

Practicing acceptance is the focus of chapter 7.  Accepting the way things  are does not mean that you condone something  or that you have to like it but you make peace with something that you can not change.  According to the author it means “being present without resistance”.  Easier said than done! This practice reminds me of the Serenity prayer I grew up with. “Lord help me to change the things I can change, accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference”.  I have always believed that if you can not change something then it is not your problem.


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